Schaefer Single Ratchet Block [M66-08]

Schaefer Single Ratchet Block [M66-08]

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Single Ratchet Block

Schaefer M66-08 Single Ratchet Block. Injection molded long grain fiber body features an anodized aluminum sheave for a light yet strong block. Delrin(tm) ball bearings ensure smooth operation. Machined aluminum sheave features ten facets for secure line control. Swivel head may be locked in place. On/off switch is located on both sides of the block for easy operation. 


  • Length 5.25" (133.35mm)
  • Width 2.59" (66mm)
  • Thickness 1.13" (28.7mm)
  • Sheave Diameter 2.59" (66mm)
  • Maximum line 1/2" (12 mm)
  • Weight 6.8 oz (192 grams)
  • Shackle pin .25"
  • Safe working load 750 lbs (340 kg)