Morado- No Scrub Degreaser

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Morado is an alkaline all-purpose cleaner degreaser made with a unique blend of biodegradable high foaming surfactants, chelating agents, and alkaline builders. Phosphate and butyl free. It is highly concentrated, but safe to use full strength. It removes most soils and contamination without scrubbing; it is a spray-on and spray-off.


For Car and Truck Washes, 

  • Dilute 50-1 removes bugs and most road films.
  • Dilute 16-1 for brake dust and oxidation removal on wheels.
  • Dilute 8-1 to straight for heavy engine degreasing.


In most cases, 8 to 1 for carpet spotting and cleaning. Full strength for tar and paint overspray (may require scrubbing).  Do not allow any chemical or detergent to dry on painted automotive surfaces.

For RV/Boat, it removes black streaks. It can clean vinyl upholstery and cleans mud from quads.

For the home and kitchen, it can clean the stovetop, grill, pots/pans. It can clean gutters, concrete, and lawn furniture. Do not use on granite or marble surfaces.

For industrial and commercial facilities, it can be used as a pressure washer detergent, drilling mud cleaner. Additionally, it cleans permanent marker with scrubbing and can be used for heavy equipment cleaning and degreasing.